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August 02, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Find out what foods to incorporate into your diet to keep your smile healthy.

While we all know that what we consume affects our overall health, did you know that it also affects the health of your smile? That’s right! nutritionWhat you eat and drink can also have a profound effect on the state of your oral health. From the office of our Salisbury, MD dentist Dr. Kathleen Geipe, find out what foods you’ll want to add to your diet to keep your smile looking its best!

Apples: Crisp apples are a great way to clean your teeth during the day when you don’t have your toothbrush handy. While an apple will certainly never take the place of a toothbrush, it can stimulate the flow of saliva. This can help wash away plaque, food, and bacteria from teeth and gums.

Citrus fruits: It might seem weird to add acidic foods to the list, but these fruits are high in nutrients and also do something similar to apples and celery in that they increase salivary production to protect healthy teeth enamel. Plus, these fruits contain quite a bit of water, which can also aid in removing bacteria and food from teeth.

Cheese and low-fat dairy products: All those cheese lovers out there are going to be thrilled to hear that eating cheese in moderation could actually be great for tooth enamel. Both cheese, milk and other low-fat dairy products provide the calcium and phosphorus your teeth need to stay nice and strong!

Fish: With our proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, perhaps you’ve heard our family dentist in Salisbury, MD talking about all the wonderful benefits that eating fish can have on your smile. And with fresh fish being an easy food source for us to find, it’s an easy way to get those omega-3 fatty acids that we need to reduce inflammation and prevent infections like gum disease.

Cocoa: For all those chocolate fiends out there you may be happy to hear that cocoa could reduce inflammation and even protect against decay. However, it’s important to follow the rule of “everything in moderation” and when you do opt for chocolate look for darker chocolates that contain less sugar.

A radiant smile is a happy one! Of course, it’s more than just what you eat that keeps your mouth healthy. Remember that you also need to see your Salisbury, MD general dentist every six months for routine cleanings. If it’s time for your next dental visit, call Dr. Kathleen M. Geipe, DDS, PA today!