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August 02, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Need a dental filling? You're not alone. Everyone needs a dental filling at some point in their lives. Tooth colored fillings, or cosmetic fillings, fillingsare used to restore decayed or broken teeth. Tooth colored fillings offer many advantages over metal fillings. Dr. Kathleen Geipe is one of the finest dentists in Salisbury, MD. She offers a full range of dental services, including tooth colored fillings. Here are five reasons to consider tooth colored fillings.

1. Maintain Tooth Health- Composite is a mixture of resin and glass-like particles that produce a tooth colored filling. Tooth colored fillings work wonderfully for cavities. Most of the tooth structure can be preserved, and the material serves to hold that structure tightly together to prevent further decay and fracture.

2. Pleasing Appearance- Traditional dental fillings are less popular than tooth colored dental fillings because of their silvery appearance. Once your Salisbury dentist completes your tooth colored filling, it will look natural and won’t be noticeable when you speak. After it is bonded to the tooth, the composite resin hardens into a strong material that looks like your tooth.

3. Good Durability- Another benefit of tooth colored dental fillings is that they are incredibly durable. Composite is a strong material, providing good durability in dental restorations. Tooth colored fillings can withstand the forces of chewing. This makes them a reliable, long-term solution for cavities.

4. Avoid Allergens- Some people are allergic to one or more of the metals in amalgam dental fillings. An allergy to amalgam fillings causes reactions that occur near the site of the filling. For patients who are allergic to the metals used in amalgam dental fillings, tooth colored fillings can restore their teeth without risk of an allergic reaction.

5. One Single Visit- Say goodbye to lengthy treatment sessions in the dentist's chair. Your tooth colored dental filling can be completed in just one office visit. The treatment will be completed very quickly and you will leave the same day with your tooth colored dental filling.

Don't wait another minute- Call Dr. Kathleen Geipe at 410-543-0599 now to schedule a dental consultation in Salisbury, MD. Tooth colored fillings have helped millions of people improve their smiles, boosting their confidence and enhancing their lives. And it will do the same for you!

June 05, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Although the crown attached to your dental implant is very tough, it can be damaged, in some instances. Our Salisbury, MD, dentist, Dr. dental crownsKathleen Geipe, shares some information on the problem and explains what can be done to fix your crown.

How does crown damage occur?

Grinding or clenching your teeth is a common cause of crown damage. Over time, the constant pressure on the crown may cause it to crack or break. Grinding or clenching may also eventually loosen your implant. If you grind or clench your teeth, wearing a nightguard while you sleep will reduce the pressure on your crown and implant and prevent damage.

Damage can also occur if you use your teeth to open packages or bottles, or chew on very hard foods, like nuts or hard pretzels. The habit can also cause your natural teeth to crack. It's a much better idea to use the proper tools than to potentially put your teeth at risk.

Other possible causes of damage include a blow to the mouth or a faulty crown. Although most crowns are high quality, problems can occasionally occur with the construction of crowns or the fit.

A broken abutment may also cause problems with your crown. The abutment is the piece that connects your crown to your dental implant.

What solutions are available?

If your crown has only slight damage, it may be possible to smooth away rough or chipped areas. A cracked or broken crown will need to be replaced. If it's not possible to save the crown, you'll visit our Salisbury office, where an impression of your mouth will be made. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory, which uses the impression to create a new crown that fits the gap in your teeth perfectly. Once the new crown is ready, it will be attached to the abutment during a short visit. If the abutment is broken, you may need both a new abutment and a new crown.

Do you think your dental implant crown may be damaged? Call our Salisbury, MD, dentist, Dr. Geipe, at (410) 543-0599 to schedule an appointment.